Written Thoughts – 1

I know the heading to this page is “Audio Files” and this is exactly where you are going to come to get each and every episode that drops on the audio side of things, but I really want to be able to be able to express how things are going even when I don’t feel like talking about them. I’m sure you’ve been there, sometimes writing things down is so much more therapeutic than audibly talking about certain things. Most of these things aren’t going to be the easiest things to talk about, but maybe that’s the main reason I’m writing them down instead of speaking them. Maybe I feel it’s safer that way, maybe there is a small part of me that thinks that if I write it, it won’t have as much of an impact as if I speak about it…

Anyone who knows me, knows how much of a talker I am, I love to talk and most likely talk too much for my own good. But that doesn’t change the fact that even with talking, something I do for a living, sometimes it can be uncomfortable and sometimes I can feel extremely scared and uncomfortable when speaking about certain things. I know I just explained a lot in this first section, but I think it’s important for you to know that even if you do something and are very good at doing something. Sometimes it will feel uncomfortable doing it, and that’s okay. I was going to talk about what has been going on and what has been on my mind, but I guess I will save that for the next time I want to write something on here.

When will that be? I have absolutely no idea. But I am going to try and at least once a week release an audio file (“Real Talk with Robbie”) and at least once a week or once every other week, a written blog about something I haven’t talked about. It could be sports, life, social issues, hell maybe I’ll even talk about some political stuff. But I can promise, as with my audio files, this will be a platform I’m prepared to be vulnerable, and most important I’m ready to be open and honest with each of you.

Until next time…


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